Our commitment to future generations
a global manufacturer and distributor of environmentally friendly, biodegradable chemicals, coolants and oils

The future of our planet rests in the hands of individuals and organizations that reshape the way we do things everyday, driving positive change across all walks of life in an effort to preserve our world for our future generations.

Australian Organic Coolants are setting new standards and changing traditional perceptions in the chemical industry. We are perpetually committed to provide this generation with long life, eco-friendly chemicals, treatment applications and services that ensure future generations will be able to enjoy their world as we do today.

Australian made products
AOC is proudly Australian made and owned

AOC helps organisations to maintain trouble-free, uninterrupted operations by maintaining ideal operating temperature for cooling systems. A major cause of disruption of work flow when using heavy equipment on site is the build up of rust, scale and sludge in cooling systems which causes engines to overheat and resulting in expensive equipment downtime.


AOC work with all industries in the efficient supply or organic and environmentally friendly cooling products
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