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Australian Organic Coolants are setting new standards and changing traditional perceptions in the chemical industry. We are perpetually committed to provide this generation with long life, eco-friendly chemicals, treatment applications and services that ensure future generations will be able to enjoy their world as we do today.

As a global manufacturer and distributor of environmentally friendly, biodegradable chemicals, coolants and
oils, we extend an open invitation to our customers to join us in preserving our world by considering the use of
organic materials across their treatment applications – not only to save money but also to save our planet.


Cooling System Products
For Industrial and Automotive Applications
Australian Organic Coolants helps organisations to maintain trouble-free, uninterrupted operations by maintaining ideal operating temperature for cooling systems. A major cause of disruption of work flow when using heavy equipment on site is the build up of rust, scale and sludge in cooling systems which causes engines to overheat and resulting in expensive equipment downtime.

AOC eliminates the need for costly frequent maintenance of cooling systems which usually require the regular
disassembling/removal of system components such as radiators for cleaning but provide short operational
duration before the blockage is back.

Cooling systems are our specialty and with the correct AOC treatment, cooling systems are returned to
their correct cooling ability and provide years of operation without overheating due to the build up of
rust and scale that can be overlooked by workshop staff who may not understand the preventative
maintenance aspect of an engine.

Eco Cool
The product is designed to protect engine cooling systems using proprietary silicate-free organic technology and provides long-life corrosion protection for aluminum, iron, copper, steel and all forms of alloys. The organic inhibitor package that is used has very low depletion rates unlike traditional nitrite and silicate based products, and contains no harmful chemicals like ethylene glycol.

Fully Organic, biodegradable and safe: Biodegradable and contains no environmentally harmful borates, molybdates, phosphates, amines, nitrates or nitrites.

Economical yet powerful: When diluted at 7.5% in good quality water, it more than doubles the life of conventional coolants in heavy duty transport engines to 1,000,000 km’s, 12,000 hours, or up to 6 years in automotive.

Fast and cost effective: Lasts up to 6 times as long as conventional coolants, reduces engine coolant cost up to 60% over other water based conventional coolants, can be used in most OEM automotive and OEM diesel and natural gas engines allowing one coolant to be used rather than one for each manufacturer.

ECO COOL offers excellent heat transfer capabilities while providing superior protection in high operating temperatures with no adverse effects on rubber hoses or gasket materials and improves water-pump
and seal life.

Eco Cool Organic Coolant provides far greater and superior heat rejection capabilities especially in
extremely hot climates.

AOC provides full cooling system treatment using its ECO SCALE Organic Descaler to ensure that all
buildup is removed from the entire system and not just some of its components.

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