Brake Fluid

AOC-DOT4 BRAKE FLUID is extremely high quality and is a long-life 3 year brake fluid and in VW Vehicles they react up to 30% faster.

Colour : BLUE

  • Hydraulan needs to be replaced and disposed of only every 3 years rather than every 2 years.
  • Hydraulan-equipped VW Vehicles react up to 30% faster.
  • Genuine BASF German product.
  • Suitable for use in disc & drum braking systems as well as hydraulic clutch systems in cars, motorcycles, trucks & buses.
  • Recommended where any one of the following specifications is nominated: SAE J1703, FMV SS 571-116 (Dot4), ISO 4925, AS/NZS 1960.1:1995.

AOCDOT4-P20 (20 ltr)


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