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AOC4000 Eco Flush Concentrate

ECO FLUSH (AOC4000) Organic Cooling System Flush is a quick safe and efficient cooling system cleaner in easy-to-use liquid form, for removal of light corrosion, scale and sludge from cooling systems.

This product is available in RED only.

  • Easy to use liquid form.
  • Environmentally friendly product, with zero toxicity
  • Effective for cleaning of light deposits without harsh acids or alkalis
  • Can be left in the system for extended period without effecting cooling system components.

AOC4000-C05 (500ml) Minimum 12 per Carton
AOC4000-C5 (5 ltr) Minimum 4 per Carton
AOC4000-P20 (20 ltr)
AOC4000-D205 (205 ltr)

AOC4700 Eco Spray Wash and Emmersion Organic Cleaner

Eco Spray Wash and Emmersion Organic Cleaner (AOC4700) is a liquid alkaline low foam detergent for use in high pressure hot water parts washers and agitation emmersion tanks.

  • Easy to use liquid form.
  • Provides excellent grease and from metal parts.
  • Gives short term corrosion protection.
  • As this product is not classified as a dangerous chemical it can be stored and used without restrictions.
  • Biodegradable.

AOC1500-C5 (5ltr GREEN) Minimum 4 per Carton
AOC1500-P20 (20 ltr GREEN)
AOC1500-D205 (205 ltr GREEN)
AOC1500-B1000 (1000 ltr GREEN)


ECO FLUSH (AOC4500L) Heavy Duty Organic Cleaner/Descaler is a unique, 100% active, all-organic blend which has been specifically formulated for the removal of scale, corrosion and sludge from cooling systems, including radiators, heat exchangers and desalination plant pipe-work.

  • Easy to use free-flowing powder form.
  • Effective cleaning of mineral scale, corrosion products and sludge
  • Contains corrosion inhibitor to protect base metals
  • Contains indicator dye to make cleaning more efficient

AOC4500L-C1 (1Ltr)
AOC4500L-P20 (20Ltr)

AOC4550 Eco Stabiliser Concentrate

AOC4550 Heavy Duty Neutralizer and Conditioner is a blend of alkali’s and corrosion inhibitors to be used in conjunction with AOC 4500 Heavy Duty Organic Hybrid Descaler.

  • Safe and easy to use.
  • Effective neutralization of acids.
  • Conditions metal surfaces in the system.
  • Removes any accumulated oil deposits.

AOC4550-C025 (250 gm)
AOC4550-C05 (500gm)
AOC4550-C1 (1 kg)
AOC4550-C2 (2 kg)
AOC4550-P20 (20 kg)


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