Specialised Oils
AOC8000 Silicone Oil Lubricant

A cost effective silicone oil that is suitable for all types of vehicles including trucks where the engine has been fitted with a viscous fan clutch, also this product is highly used in the fitness industry.

  • Designed to provide an economical way of servicing viscous fan clutches.
  • Suitable for use on all types of engines where a viscous fan clutch has been fitted.
  • Assists in maintaining original design heat transfer between the incoming water temperature into the radiator and the heat rejection from the radiator core and hence maintains optimum engine performance.
  • Rather than always replacing the fan clutch it simply can be disassembled, repacked with silicone oil and then reassembled therefore making the fan clutch a serviceable part and helps to reduce parts wastage.
  • Used widely in the Fitness Industry as an economical way of lubricating the Gymnasium equipment.
  • Silicone Oil will not fly off treadmill equipment and is also dust free, therefore not causing the problem that normal machine oil has.

AOC8000-C025 (250 gm)

AOC9000 Oil Remover

RADIATOR & COOLING SYSTEM OIL REMOVER (AOC9000) is a unique, 100% active formula suitable for both Engine and Transmission oil contamination in the Radiator cooling system.

  • Easy to use in liquid form
  • Effective cleaning of oil contamination and oil sludge
  • Will not harm metal surfaces

AOC9000-C025 (250 ml) Minimum 12 per Carton


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